Why You Should Continue Publishing Books Despite the Rise of Digital Publishing


Traditional book publishing is still relevant today because it’s a tried and true industry. It’s been around for centuries, and it’s the backbone of the publishing world. There’s a reason why agents and publishers are still in business — people still want to read books!

Whether you’re a writer or an agent, you should not give up on this industry because there is still potential in it. Here are some ways to push through these tough times and continue to publish books.

1. Get involved in the publishing world

Join a writing group, go to book signings, and attend publishing events. This will help you get to know more people in the publishing industry and learn more about what they do. Although you should stay true to yourself, don’t forget where you came from.

By taking time to understand the publishing industry, you’ll have a better chance of gaining their trust and eventually being able to work together. People don’t mind if you take a few steps back to understand things better.

2. Start your own company

The publishing industry is changing drastically. You can either ride the wave with it or fight against it until you’re exhausted. Indeed, there’s something about this new way of doing things that you like, so ride on top of it! Build yourself a name in the industry by starting your own publishing company using the Internet as your outlet.

If you have money to spare, consider rehabilitating an old building to use as your publishing house. You might have to lease heavy construction machinery to renovate it and exert effort in the process. But even though it can be a struggle, it will be well worth the investment.

3. Focus on genres that resist change

The book publishing world is going digital, but some genres still resist change. For example, audiobooks are gaining popularity, but they do not replace traditional book publishing. There is still demand for audiobooks, and it will take a while before they can compete with conventional books.

However, there’s no harm in embracing e-books and e-readers. If you make it known that you’re open to new ideas, people will flock to you and buy your books! So, don’t let this change in the publishing industry deter you — stay true to yourself and your business.

4. Find a niche market

It’s hard to make money writing books today, but it’s also difficult to break into the traditional publishing industry. You have to compete with other authors, some of whom are well-known and others just starting. But don’t let this discourage you!

There is a way to draw attention to yourself; however, find an underserved niche market. This can be an under-explored genre, a topic that others avoid, etc. You just have to be creative, and you’ll find something that interests you!

5. Start building relationships with agents and publishers

You should establish a relationship with an agent or two — these are the people who help you sell your work. After all, what’s the use in writing a book if you can’t find anyone to publish it?

Your agent or publisher will be your primary contact in the publishing world. It may not be easy to approach them, but it will be worth your time and effort once you do. They can open doors for you and help launch your book to the next level!

6. Don’t underestimate the power of good writing


Good writing sells, whether it’s published by traditional book publishing or independent online publishing. That is why people still want to read books — they’re written by great authors who know how to weave a story and make it enjoyable.

However, writing a book is just the beginning. It’s essential to get the people’s attention, make them want to read your book and encourage them to buy it. You can’t expect people to just come up to you and say, “Hey, I’d like to read your book!” That’s why you have to make yourself stand out from all the other authors and books out there!

You can keep trying to get your work published with the same agent or publisher, even though they rejected you before. But don’t be discouraged if this does not work out; there are other agents and publishers out there who will love your book.

To sum up, traditional book publishing is still relevant today because it’s a tried-and-true industry. It has been doing its job from the beginning, and it will continue to do so for many years to come. Although you have to keep up with the times, you also have to remember the history of traditional book publishing!

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