The Rise of the E-book in India

In most development countries, access to physical books is not so easy. Even e-readers such as Amazon Kindle are also a novelty and sometimes prove too costly for people to purchase. But e-books that are available on your mobile phone? Now that’s a different story.

With the emergence of smartphones in these countries, especially India, the book market is finding a clear presence. Smartphones and tablets now have reading apps, making it much easier (and much more affordable) for users to read books right in the palm of their hands.

Flipkart, India’s biggest online bookseller, has seen a huge growth spurt in sales their 2012 launch. Last year they released an eBook reader app with features that give users instant access to any part of the book, the ability to bookmark pages and highlight text, take notes, look up words in a dictionary while reading, and even an audio feature where the book can be read out loud to users — an especially helpful feature for those who are visually challenged, or want some entertaining during a long drive.

EBooks are the norm for today’s generation of children, and e-learning is especially popular in India, most likely because of how comfortable children are with this digital format. Aside from children’s digital titles being popular with readers, biographies, mythological and religious books have found their place in the market too.

Though e-readers have specific technology used to enhance the reading experience, the cost is what keeps people from coveting this kind of device. Instead, they reach for their smartphone — something most already have and don’t have to spend extra money for — and download a quick and easy (and often free) app where they can download their favorite books, discover new releases, and even learn from textbooks.

Source: Smartphones Drive E-Book Sales in India