Top 6 Benefits of Self-Publishing a Book

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Getting a book published can feel like a maze for authors and writers. There are so many options and paths to take that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Should you try to find a literary agent? Submit your manuscript to publishers. Or self-publish?

There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these routes. But this blog post will focus on the edges of self-publishing. Because while there are some drawbacks to taking this route, there are also some significant benefits that you might not have considered. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to self-publish your book, read on for some food for thought.

You Keep More of the Profits

When you publish your book through a traditional publishing house, they will take care of most (if not all) of the costs associated with getting your book published and distributed. However, they will also take a hefty cut of the profits—typically between 15% and 20%.

Self-publishing, on the other hand, allows you to keep a much more significant percentage of the royalties (the money made from each book sale). And while you will have to front the costs associated with publishing and distributing your book, you stand to make more money in the long run by self-publishing.

You Have More Creative Control

With traditional publishing, you cede a certain amount of creative control to your editor and publisher. They may want you to make changes to your book that you’re not comfortable with or don’t agree with. Or they may decide to market your book in a way that feels off-brand for you.

When you self-publish, you have complete control over every aspect of your book—from the cover design to the marketing campaign. You can do so if you want to make your cover more personal! With today’s advanced technology, you can even engage your cover with designs that feel right for your book. One of the most useful pieces of equipment you can consider is the Boss laser cutter. This machine can help you design the perfect cover for your book, no matter what material or design you are looking for.

You Set Your Own Timeline

With traditional publishing, the entire process—from submission to publication—can take years. And that’s if your manuscript is accepted in the first place! One of the advantages of self-publishing a book is that you set your own timeline. You don’t have to wait for a publisher to accept your manuscript, and you don’t have to work around their production schedule. This means that you can get your book into the hands of readers much faster than if you went the traditional route. And if you need to make changes or updates to your book, you can do so without going through a lengthy approval process.

Self-Publishing is Quicker

Getting a book published through a traditional publisher can take years. With conventional publishing, you have to query agents, wait for responses (which can take months), and then go through the editing, printing, and marketing process, which can take years. With self-publishing, you can bypass that and get your book out into the world much faster. Of course, there are downsides to self-publishing, but if you’re looking to get your work out there quickly, self-publishing is definitely the way to go.

You Have Access to Advanced Technology

When you self-publish, you have access to the latest technology and tools. You can use platforms like Blurb or Amazon’s CreateSpace to create a beautiful paperback or hardcover version of your book. And with services like Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you can get your book formatted for digital e-reader devices like the Kindle or Nook. You also have access to many other tools, such as professional editing services, book marketing resources, and printing services that can help you make your book look and feel exactly how you want it to.

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You Have More Opportunities for Expansion

One of the significant advantages of self-publishing a book is that you have more expansion opportunities. You can easily expand into other markets and languages if your book does well. With traditional publishing, it can be complicated to get your book published in another country. But with self-publishing, you can reach a global audience with ease. You can also create updated versions of your book or even new editions with different covers or formats. And if you want to branch out into other products, such as ebooks or audiobooks, you can do so without any problems.

The bottom line

So if you’re feeling ready to take your writing career to the next level, self-publishing could be an excellent option for you. You’ll have more control over every aspect of your book, set your own timeline, and have access to advanced technologies and tools that can help make your book look and feel professional. Plus, you stand to make more money (and keep more of it!) with self-publishing than you would with traditional publishing. So what are you waiting for? Self-publish your book today and see the rewards!

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