Publishing Compliments Make It All Worthwhile

This is the kind of praise that lets me know that our publishing company,, is on track.  Certainly we will continue to improve, but this kind of unsolicited “good job” shows we are on track! I do have one comment about WB at the bottom.

Did you try to find a traditional publisher?

No, not at all.

Did the company properly prepare you for the process?

Yes, they did prepare me properly. Their written instructions were clear and to the point, as one would expect from a professional businessman’s point of view.

Was the cost of publishing adequately explained to you?

Once again all costs were explained in detail right from the very start, so I was not left with any misgivings about the bottom line or any concealed expenses afterwards.

Were you happy with the finished book?

The Print Proof Copy that my publishers sent me, was exactly as I had pictured it to be. I was extremely happy with the end result. Only the best materials were used. My book had been perfected.

What advice do you have for others?

Don’t just go with any self-publishing company before you’ve done a complete background check on the company’s profile. You want as much service from them after your book’s been printed for the amount of money you’ve paid for their services. Your book’s success depends on it!

My Review

My experience with SBPRA, the Publishing company who published, and are the Distributors of my book, entitled Guns of Justice, has been a pleasant and learnful journey. Right from the very start I was made a part of the development of my book. Nothing was done without my consent. The text – block technician did a superb job interacting with me through-out the whole process, allowing me to check and double-check the completed text block format until I was happy to do the final sign-off. The Art department is extremely friendly and helpful, and designed both my back and front cover precisely as I’d wanted it, each and every detail significantly outstanding. The post-production team was just as helpful and friendly as everybody else at SBPRA is. I am truly grateful for their guidance and hospitality through-out the complete publishing and distribution process. They are true professionals, and include the Author in everything before going to the next step. I would definitely recommend them to any new Author who thinks of self-publishing.

Would you recommend this to a friend?


Valerie Peterson, Book Publishing, says:

Thank so much for your review and I wish you every success with your book! Writing a novel is a great accomplishment, Leonard—congratulations! And I very much agree with your advice to your fellow indie authors; be sure to look into self-publishing companies before you contract for their services. One great resource is the website Writers Beware which lists any complaints that authors have against various vendors.

r: We find that Writers Beware is full of half truths and negative people. If you read that site as a resource, you will never do anything as they see the cup as half empty, not half full.


Robert Fletcher – CEO