Ways to Improve Your Startup Branding—Fast

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First impressions matter—especially when you’re a startup trying to make a name for yourself in a crowded marketplace. Your branding should convey who you are, what you do, and why you do it better than anyone else. It should be firm, consistent, and memorable. Here are some ways to improve your startup branding—fast.

Define Your Brand Personality

Before you even think about what your logo or colors represent your brand, you need to define your brand personality. What is your company’s voice? What values do you want to communicate? What feelings do you want your customers to have when interacting with your brand? Answering these questions will lay the foundation for your future branding decisions.

Invest in High-Quality Logo Design

Your logo is often the first thing people will see when they encounter your brand. It should be simple, easy to read and reflect your brand personality. You don’t need to break the bank to have a great logo designed—make sure you work with a professional who can capture the essence of your brand in one simple image. Here are three design options you should implement when creating a logo.


Super simplified shapes and limited color palettes characterize this style. It’s popular in tech startups because it allows your logo to communicate more information through a minimal number of design elements.


Realistic logos are usually reserved for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, but they can work just as well for digital companies. They feature more natural, lifelike line work and vibrant colors.


This is an excellent option for startups that want to come off as young and fresh. Playful logos are often created with script fonts and fun illustrations—and the more personality you can pack into them, the better.

The best part about logos is that you can practically put them anywhere, but if there is one thing your logo should be in, it should be in your packages and boxes. Asking your local cardboard manufacturer to put your logo into your boxes can significantly impact brand awareness. Furthermore, it can help make your boxes stand out in a crowded space—even if they all have the same contents.

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Develop Brand Guidelines

Once you have a strong foundation and visual identity, it’s essential to maintain consistency across all channels. Create brand guidelines that outline how and where your logo can be used, what colors represent your brand, what fonts should be used in communications, etc. This will ensure that everyone who represents your company (from employees to outside vendors) always conveys the same message about your brand.

Developing the guidelines behind your startup branding isn’t something you have to do alone. Working with a knowledgeable marketing consultant can help you create a strategic plan.

Write Compelling Copy

Your website, social media profiles, marketing materials, etc., are all opportunities for you to tell your story and connect with potential customers on a deeper level. Write compelling copy that communicates who you are, what you stand for, and why someone should choose your product or service over the competition. Share customer testimonials, highlight awards and accolades, and use strong calls to action throughout your communications. Add your copies to these two marketing strategies to make them even more effective.


Believe it or not, newsletters drive consumer trust. The main reason is that they are often free. However, the main reason is that they have great content. It’s important to mention that it doesn’t matter if you make newsletters in English or your native language as long as you can deliver what your customers want and need.

Email Marketing

There are about four billion people who have email addresses. That’s a massive reach. However, your primary target is not to deliver spam emails to these people but rather to send them emails that interest them. Your email marketing campaign can be even more effective if you start it out with a message or a free offer. You can also increase the chances of this by having a professional team handle your emailing campaigns because they know what to do and how to avoid sending spam messages.

Branding is essential for any startup looking to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. But, by definition, your brand is more than just a logo or slogan—it’s the total of every interaction someone has with your company. That means it’s essential to continuously work on improving every touchpoint of the customer journey—from initial awareness all the way through to post-purchase follow-up communications. By following the tips outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to creating a strong, recognizable brand that will help you attract new customers and grow your business for years to come.

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