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We actively seek new writers who desire to be published, as well as existing authors and publishers who wish to distribute their books in the ever expanding India market.

In addition to attending and representing authors and publishers at the largest global publishing tradeshows, we engage in strategic partnerships with publishers, distributors and book marketing specialists from around the world.

Featured Books from Australian Authors

The Magical Scarecrows by Lynn Santer

nce upon a time a nine year old girl had a dream of becoming an author. She wrote her first story ‘The Magical Scarecrow’ and sent it to a publisher. The publisher told her that her style was good but the content not long enough. Twenty-five years later, with her first best-seller under her belt, the little girl rewrote her first story for her sister’s children.

As those children grew and shared their aunt’s story with other children the expanded Magical Scarecrows stories by Auntie Lynn were suddenly in hot demand. But rather than make these a commercial offering, Auntie Lynn decided she would have the stories professionally illustrated, edited, and produced to give away for free to needy children to help with the vital skill of literacy in a program that has become known as The Magical Scarecrows KIDS WHO READ SUCCEED program.

2The Continuing Ripples of Living Beyond Suicide by Kaylene Donohue

Suicide is something that can occur in any country in the world. However this tragic phenomenon is all too common in certain areas of Australia.

Today in Australia and in most of the world, there remains a major stigma attached to suicide. But as tragic as the act itself may be, for every one person who commits suicide, there are many others left behind. The Continuing Ripples of Living Beyond Suicide tells the stories of some people who have also lost someone to suicide. Author Kaylene Donohue is all-too-familiar with this tragic phenomenon and the kind of pain and suffering it inflicts on the living.


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